The Story of the Year
Dun eva walk out on me...but u choosed to do it..
Monday, July 24, 2006

OH GOD! Dey finally arrvie on e 21st!! but i saw dem on 24th, wich is 2dae..N M SO BLOODY DAMN EXCITED LAR!! hahax.. Besides our sch, deres Ngee Ann n Tamp..Dey were wearin Shorts n LONG Socks!! So toot~

Waited for so long be4 dey get 2 introduce demself..E vice-chairman speaks damn SLANG!! Oh god! Its lyk, so slang dat we dun understand wad he's sayin in e 1st place..hahax.his name is Mark..N i find him damn FUNKY!! E way he speaks..Hahax...So damn funni lar..He can realli boot-lick..n he look lyk XW!!heex..

Deres a few who leaves deep impression on me..For eg, BEN!! becoz angelin poh became his frend..N i was beside, hearing deir conversation..hahax..He is so cute lar..It will b perfect if he's taller..His eyes are darkbrown in colour..SO NICE!! Aww...

Next, deres Scott..E guy who goes 2 Shifah's class..Oh god..He speaks damn slang too!! So nice 2 hear! N he seems so SHY..

Follow on, deres dis black-haired guy who looked lyk e Singapore Idol guy, Paul..Totali lar..BT he shows his face completely..hahax..He is oso not bad..

Dere's 6 of dem?(if m nr wrng)..Wana get all deir emails sia..hahax..Heex..SO sad..Dey b leavin Spore tmr..Sobx..Ahh..Reali lyk e way dey SLANG!!
Saturday, July 22, 2006
Pirates of e Caribbean

Watched it yst wif cherlyn dear, sew, merilyn, cass n darren..Quite nice..Beri comedy..Guess dere will b a part3..Coz deres no endin in dis part 2..N dun wait till e credits are over..Becoz, its damn tupid la..Less den 1 min..

Ate pizza at pizzahut..SO nice lor, e new ph at tamp!! Tried e new pizza..Nice!! Bt din had e tym 2 slowly slowly eat..COz we're late 4 e movies..hahax..

*Guess i shld b beri hapi wen i sae u owaes 'pop' ot wen i gt no intention 2 c u..N its owaes wen i sae some tins 2 sew..Den after a few mins..u will appear infront of me..its lyk..wad the...fine..wadeva..i dun gif a damn animore..Coz i decided too..N its goodbye for now..
Mother Fucker
Dun tink dat u're onli p5, i will owaes let u do wad u wan!U are not young animore!! N so wad if e 3 of dem or e rest of dem sae i mus let u, i will NOT/NEVER LET U!! tupid idiot!!

M: wadeva la..u wana kill me..kill la...i wlll fight back till i haf no more energy!! all u do is 2 protect ur youngest onli son!! i dun tink n find dat dis is called 'CONCERN' wen u hit beat sae nasty tins bout me!! lyk wad u sae..m someone who is being picked frm e rubbish chute..

F:dun sae u care if u dun meant it..u truely noe dat u had been bias for dunoe hw mani years liaox..if u care, u will stand by me wen i was beaten by her!!

S: all u do is 2 side all 3 of dem..u owaes blame me..saying dat: its owaes moi fault..its owaes moi bad temper..its owaes me!! u sae she care..i dun tink so..i dun feel so... owaes sae i shld let him, coz his moi bro..owaes sae i muz change moi temper..owaes sae i dun tink bout others..Den can i ask much do u noe bout me?how much do u noe dat i dun care/tink bout others? M tellin u now dat, no matter wad happen, i can nvr change moi temper..becoz m born wif it!! i've been controllin moi temper..n its not as if i can owaes control it!! if someone provoke me, i will fight back..DUn tell m dat u will stand dere guai guai n let 2 person 2 provoke u!!

y muz i b e one changing?y cnt u guys b e one 2 change? 2 b more tolerant? dun owaes ask others 2 change..tink bout yourslef?! dun tell me dat u dun haf a tiny single bit of weakness?!
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
dats wad u will experience wen u asked a pe/maths teacher 2 answer ur doubts..

A big problem of stomach..In n out of e toilet for 4 tyms..Hope tmr can dun go sch..ahax..
Monday, July 17, 2006
Hapi 14th Bdae Byeong Gyu

Lucki him..Received pressie from ahyi n mumi..Lolx.. Din get him anitin..hahax..due 2 financial probs n last min notice..

Juz ate e chocolate cake bought frm mumi..Damn full lar..

Dunnd 2 c jumiah face dis whle week!!*applause hands*

Finali ONE PAPER is DOWN!! hope i did well for it.. ahax..

Did i make e right choice? ooOOoo
Friday, July 14, 2006
Feelin damn busted ryte now at dis freakin moment..So, dun try 2 pissed me off further..

tupid sis owaes lyk 2 mess wif moi phn..n wouldnt tel me until a few daes later..Wth ryte..kept me in suspense..Tot he wouldnt speak..ahax..

idiot.. liar.. wadeva..i got moi rights not 2 help u..

bloody hell..all dose craps n lies..damn bastard lar..wadeva la..dats ur business!!! *din bother 2 sae anitin* go 2 hell!! if dunwan, dunoe hw 2 sae in e 1st place izit?! hate LIARS!!


Thursday, July 13, 2006
Okies..I had enuff alreadi..m i so invisible 2 u? y everitym i saw u..u wnt noe dat m arnd?u wnt notice me at all..not even a glance or anitin..n e wrst thingy is dat..u is owaes wif someone..fine..enuff is enuff..I'll stp havin dreams..................

haix..hope somoething will wrk out frm it..heex..
Mother Tongue Oral

Oh god~Finally e dae has come..N its 2dae!! Scared lyk hell..Before enterin in 2 e class room..I had butterlies in my stomach..N moi whle body starts 2 tremble wen i was nearer 2 e examiners.. N i did i tupid thingy lar..I accidently kicked one of e teachers table wen i started 2 read e passage..OH GOD!! N i apologise quickly..Hope she 'da ren you da liang'..

I guess i can at least get a merit..It was easier den i tot..(becoz of all e feedbacks i heard frm moi frends who had taken Os..Its so diff lor..)

But I did badly for moi reading..I kana stuck quite a few tyms..Den had 2 re-read e phrase again..Shitty shit..

Listenin on mon..Muz dig dig gold liaox..
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

its finally moi turn!! Oral is on tmr.. Die die die..
who's gona saf me? *i need ur bestwishes, will u fulfil it?*
haix.. reali hope i can at least get a MERIT for oral..
N get a b4 for chi, if nort, i wld b retaking moi chi..

AH!! PROM NITE!! Ever since i step into PRSS, i noe dat dere wnt b a prom nite.. *All e penguin fault* Until last yr, wen mdm cheng came n e prev batch had a prom nite..Hahax..

And, 2dae Ms Jiang toe us dat dere wld b a PROM NITE 4 us!! On 1 dec, at SIA sports club..(guess uncle jonez will noe whr is it..hahax..), i tink its a outdoor prom, becoz deres a beri nice n big pool over dere.. Oh god, y no ballroom?? nvr mind, m exceited enuff!! N e best thingy is dat, e theme is RETRO!!! woot~ Tot of wad 2 dressed alreadi..hahax..
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